SuiteMinutes – Meeting Minutes Automation

Automate the Meeting Minutes Process with Microsoft Word

SuiteMinutes is fully integrated with Microsoft Word to automate the meeting minutes process. We choose MS Word because of the breadth of tools and most people are completely comfortable and familiar with it. SuiteMinutes is a toolbar that record Roll Calls, Motions and Votes in a standard Word document. It can be used either during the meeting or after when the minutes are finalized. Once the minutes are complete, simply upload the minutes by clicking the one button on the toolbar.

It’s FREE with SuiteAgenda

No additional fees for the Minutes Module.

Install on Multiple Machines

Provide it to all staff members who contribute to the meeting minutes process.

Customize the Minutes Wording

Prefer Yea over Yes? No problem. SuiteMinutes automated language can be customized in seconds.

No Internet Connection Needed

Have meetings without internet access? SuiteMinutes saves all actions locally, which can be uploaded at a later time.

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