Modern Agenda Management for Municipalities.

Save time. Instantly create & deliver packets. Approvals and last-minute changes are a breeze. Access your information anytime and from anywhere.

How We Help

  • Agenda Automation

    Create perfect agendas with a simple, consistent process.

  • Meeting Minutes

    Capture roll calls, motions, votes, discussions and more.

  • Paperless, Mobile Boards

    Run the entire agenda and meeting process from a tablet.

  • Citizen Engagement

    Instant access to meeting data with live and archived videos.

Agenda Management Shouldn’t Be Such a Pain

Improve the entire meeting process with SuiteAgenda v4.
Save time, reduce costs and make everyone’s job easier, from the clerk to the board members.

agenda management software
Copying and Scanning is for the birds.

9 Out of 10 Clerks Agree *

Manually PDFing, ordering, bookmarking, copying, and walking around for approvals... does that seem like a good call in 2014?

Automating via a paperless agenda management system boosts efficiency and accuracy.

Time to say goodbye to the copier machine and crooked scanned pages!

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* Not a real statistic

Designed for Municipalities, Customized for You.

SuiteAgenda is adjusted so the system perfectly suits your needs, like workflow rules, business process, and agenda design (among many others).

Always Be Prepared: Instant Access to Your Data.

Relax knowing that you’ll always have every bit of information you need, wherever you are. Instantly access all of your data with handy keyword searching, intuitive filters, and reporting.

agenda management software

Looks Simple, But It’s a Game-Changer.

We’re the first to admit that paperless agenda management has lacked innovation over the last decade. We knew you wanted tons of functions, but not at the expense of the user experience.

Our competitors may think it’s "good enough", but we knew it could be better.

We’ve completely figured out how to make agenda management software beautifully simple.

We still have all the features you really love, but it’s so intuitive, it can be used with absolutely no training. If you want to see the future of agenda management, take a look at SuiteAgenda v4. It’s a huge leap forward.

agenda management software